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Restaurant, banquet hall

The restaurant in Abnicum hotel consists of three parts - the mail hall and two banquet halls. The restaurant seats 60 guests. Banquet rooms are smaller in size and can be used for business meetings, coffee breaks during conferences or romantic dinners.

Restaurant works both for the guests of the hotel and for any other visitors, who enjoy a quiet atmosphere, a diverse menu and a complete wine set. Spending evenings in this restaurant is always a bright event that can help you to distract yourself from the daily mundane routines of life and you will be able to sit back and socialise in comfort.

One of the best chefs in Novosibirsk, Denis Gerasimov, is proud to serve you in Abnicum restaurant. He is a cultinary specialist in Russian, Italian, Spanish, Caucasian and Middle-Eastern cuisine. His personal cooking style combines the best elements of traditional recipes and modern and personal methods to form the best meals you could possibly enjoy during your stay in Novosibirsk.

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Banquet hall

Depending of purpose of your event and number of guests you can organize an incredible evening of merry socialising



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